outboard bearing assembly

Tuff Cast Outboard Bearing Assemblies

TUFF CAST outboard bearing assemblies are designed to replace OEM Eagle Iron Works (EIW) assemblies.

outboard bearing assembly

outboard bearing assemblies: 24″, 30″ FMW (A08288, A8288, or TA08288); 36″ FMW or 30″ CMW  (A08285, A8285, or TA08285); 44″, 48″, 54″ FMW, 44″ CMW, or 36″ LW (A08286, A8286, or TA08286); 36″ CMW (A08287, A8287, or TA08287); 66″, 72″ FMW, or 44″ LW (A13479 or TA13479)

The assembly is available for a variety of sizes of fine material and coarse material washers:

  • 24″ and 30″ FMW (AES part number TA08288 a replacement fit for Eagle Iron Works [EIW] part number A08288 or A8288);
  • 36″ FMW and 30″ CMW (AES part number TA08285, replacement for EIW A08285 or A8285);
  • 44″, 48″, and 54″ FMW; 44″ CMW; or 36″ LW (as AES part number TA08286, replacement for EIW A08286 or A8286);
  • 36″ CMW (as AES part number TA08287, replacement for EIW A08287 or A8287);
  • 66″ and  72″ FMW, or 44″ LW (as AES part number TA13479, replacement for EIW A13479)

Outboard Bearing Assembly Repair Parts

Looking to repair an existing outboard bearing assembly? AES has you covered with Tuff Cast repair parts. In addition to seal kits, AES also stocks stub shafts, bearing housings, mounting rings, bearings, wear sleeves, clamp plates, donut seals, slinger seals, and all the necessary hardware. Look for the following stub shaft part numbers: B06123, B6123, B06124, B6124, B06125, B6125, B06126, B6126, B09571, B9571? How about donut seal D26461 or D14384? For all of your outboard bearing repair needs, please contact us today!


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