AES stocks high-quality, cost-effective replacement parts for log washers.

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Log Washers

Ideal for scrubbing difficult materials (tough insoluble clays, conglomerates, soft stone and cemented aggregates) that are difficult to clean in normal screw machines. The log washer scours, breaks down, and cleans the toughest materials.

Popular log washers include Eagle Iron Works® (EIW®) 36″,  44″, and 46″ Log Washers.

Aggregate Equipment Sales offers a complete line of wear parts including outboard bearing assembly (36″ – A8286, A08286, or TA08286; 44″ – A13479 or TA13479), the donut seal (36″ – D26461 or  TD26461; 44″ – D14384 or TD14384),  stainless steel wear sleeve (36″ – D30877 or  TD30877; 44″ – D14393 or TD14393), gasket (8) (TD32750), and gasket (14) (TD32751).  Paddle tips and bases are also available:  paddle tip and bolt (36″ – B03341, B3341, or TB03341; 44″ – B8435, B08435, TB08435), paddle base and bolt ( 36″ – B3367, B03367, or TB03367; 44″ – B8666, B08666, or TB08666).


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Let Aggregate Equipment Sales become part of your team. We don't just sell you wear parts; we help you figure out what replacement parts your company needs. We offer high-quality replacement wear parts for your aggregate washing needs. Let us help you limit downtime.